CYT will be the currency for every bonification.

The accounts that stake CYT will be taken into special consideration. The CYT weekly distribution will be among those who stake CYT. The amount of CYT they will get, it’s according to their percentage of CYT relating to the total of CYT in stake.

It means that, if there is a distribution of 8 million CYT and a player has 5% of the total in stake, they will get 400,000 CYT.

At the same time, as we’ve already explained, ECT earnings are linked to the amount of CYT in stake.

CYT staking allows you to take part on the whitelist and will also be a key piece for events and prize draws. CYT is the main currency and players will be rewarded by holding and staking it.

In summary, all the advantages and benefits to obtain within Dragonary’s economic system will depend on the CYT stake.

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