Fan Art and Community

The community has been a crucial part of the development of the game. Dragonary has been built under the “Build in Public” scheme, so we have shown every update or change on public broadcasts. We have been asking and getting feedback from the community in Telegram, Discord, Twitch, and YouTube while creating it. Also, we have shared all details of the game’s development all along. This is why we trust that transparency around the game will keep our community strong and growing every day.

Benefits for the Community

Fan Art & NFTs

The community can support other community members.

Any and every member of the community can create things that can be sold on the marketplace, as well as dragons and in-game items.

All material or art created could generate NFT Tokens, and buyers will choose the blockchain to get those Non-Fungible Tokens. The available blockchains to claim those NFTs are Ethereum, Callisto Network, Binance Smart Chain & Polygon.

Creators will not need any special skills, like how to deploy or code an NFT. They will not need to learn how to get paid on crypto. We will provide this platform and bridge, so creators can do what they do best: create.

Everything counts. It does not matter if the art is a meme like this:

Or a more elaborate illustration like this one:

Everything is valid under the “Fan Art” label.


Coinary will host events periodically, where the community will take part and participate in raffles, being able to win in-game articles and tokens. Every member of the community will have the opportunity to propose content for those events

Those events will be recorded, edited, translated, and distributed among different platforms, so everyone can enjoy watching them.

Beta Testers

Every new product needs to be tested, and there is no better tester than your community to do it. Every month, we will open a proposal to add new Beta Testers that will have the benefit to test the latest version of the game and give feedback before it is released.

Content creators will also have many chances to be part of the Beta community. If you are one of them, you might be interested in what we will describe in the next article.

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