Chests/Loot Boxes

Chests are rewards that you will get on the PVP and Dungeons missions. Within them, there can be virtual objects, any type of item, dragon eggs or any kind of NFTs, even islands. The Chests that you will find in Dragonary are the following:

Wooden Chest: wait time to open: 3 hours - Cost to open: 0

Diamond Chest: wait time to open: 6 hours - Cost to open: 0

Ruby Chest: wait time to open: 12 hours - Cost to open: 0

Lucky Chest: wait time to open: immediately - Cost to open: 5.49 USD in CYT

The better the quality of the chest, the more probabilities to get NFTs equipment. Every player will have 3 slots to store their chests, but they can only be opened one at a time.

It’s important to highlight that when the player gets a rare egg or any NFT object, a fee in CYT — depending on the item — has to be paid to unlock it. There are 24 hours to unlock the item, if not, the item will be lost. Virtual objects will appear in the player’s inventory. Only concerning Lucky Chests, if any NFT object is obtained, it will have no unlocking cost.

Unlocking action: USD cost

Prime Pass: 14.99 USD

Rare Dragon: 60 USD

Epic Dragon: 300 USD

Legendary Dragon: 1,500 USD

Rare ember: 15 USD

Epic ember: 50 USD

Legendary ember: 250 USD

Rare equipment: 15 USD

Epic equipment: 50 USD

Legendary equipment. 250 USD

Island: 20,000 USD


In Coinary, we’ve been working with Oracle since we released the Marketplace. Learning how it works is easy: every object is valued in dollars, therefore the price of the Dragons is modified on CYT and BNB according to the price of the dollar at the moment.

Alongside the chests, there’s an additional oracle implemented. It predicts the dollar value of each of the item players can get within chests.

The higher the price of CYT, the lower the amount of CYT in the game to be distributed weekly. The lower the price of CYT, the higher the amount of CYT in the game to be distributed. Each minute, the CYT amount to unlock the prizes will be updated through the oracle, and it will also take part in the ECT rewards on PVP mode.

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