At the time, there are 7 different elements (roles) in Dragonary, each with unique skills that will have to be considered when creating your team. The elemental balance of your dragons will be essential to advance in your PVE and PVP missions.

Dragonary will keep adding new elements on big updates, we plan to add 2 new elements each year.

Earth Element: The Tank

Innate ability: Reduce all incoming damage

Active ability 1: generates a shield for 5s or until broken. All basic attacks (not abilities) are forced to hit this dragon. All offensive abilities deal double damage to the shield.

Active ability 2: Select an allied dragon so you receive all his damage, with a reduction.

Fire Element: The physical DPS

Innate ability: increase basic damage when the dragon is in the front row

Active ability 1: throws a fireball at an enemy in the front row damaging it, also dealing 50% of that damage to an enemy behind him (in the back row)

Active ability 2: Deals damage to an enemy, and leaves the enemy burning, dealing damage during 10s. Healing abilities can remove this state.

Air Element: The main Healer

Innate ability: increase healing ability

Active ability 1: heals up to 3 dragons

Active ability 2: Reduces damage received to all allies by 25%.

Electric Element: The Range DPS

Innate ability: increases all damage

Active ability 1: sends thunder to your enemies, with a % probability of bouncing to another enemy up to 3 times.

Active ability 2: Deals damage to an enemy and paralyzes it.

Plant Element: Jack of all trades

Innate ability: increases HP and basic damage

Active ability 1: deals damage to 2 dragons, and entangles them for 5s, slowing their attack speed by 50%.

Active ability 2: Generates a shield around an ally.

Water Element: The damage reliever

Innate ability: creates a protective shield preventing damage on healed dragons (this shield does not force enemies attacks)

Active ability 1: Heals a moderate amount to a single dragon.

Active ability 2: Wraps the enemy in a bubble dealing damage, and slows its attack speed by 50%

Ice Element: The resistant DPS

Innate ability: increases HP, ability damage, and basic damage

Active ability 1: deals damage and freezes an enemy in place for 5 seconds.

Active ability 2: Creates a shield around the dragon, once the effect ends, or the shield is destroyed, deals damage to an enemy.

Poison Element: The "over time" DPS

Innate ability: each Basic Attack deals, 2 seconds after the attack, and additional damage, based on cunning. Increase Basic Attack Damage, only if the dragon is in the back row.

Active ability 1: Damage an opponent, and poisons it during 10s.

Active ability 2: Select 3 opponents to poison, damaging them during 10s.

The difference in ability improvement

“Innate abilities” increase with dragon rarity. E.g: a Common Earth Dragon reduces incoming damage by 10%, while a rare Earth dragon reduces damage by 12%.

“Active abilities” improve with the dragon base level in different checkpoints.

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