We have stated 6 different rarities to make sure the game economy remains sustainable. The total sum of the base stats, and the way to obtain the dragon, will determine it's rarity:

Common: total stats between 30 and 49.

Uncommon: between 50 and 89.

Rare: 90 and up.

Epic: will be the result of fusing rare dragons.

Legendary: will be the result of fusing epic dragons.

Mithycal: will be the result of fusing legendary dragons.

The first 2 rarities are Common and Uncommon. Dragons with these rarities will be virtual items: they cannot be bought or sold in the marketplace, but they will be vital to get better rarity dragons.

Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythical rarities will be considered NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), all dragons with these rarities can be swapped in the Coinary Hub marketplace. All rarities will be available for all dragons, and will also apply to other items in the game, which will allow us to consider them as NFTs and can be traded in the marketplace, too.

Level cap

The level cap of a dragon will vary according to its rarity.

Common: level 20

Uncommon: level 40

Rare: level 60

Epic: level 80

Legendary/Mythical: level 100

Dragons will also evolve/grow at different level checkpoints depending on their rarity; and will also gain a small improvement on their base Stats, when they learn their "Passive abilities" every 20 lvls (Passive abilities are not yet implemented in the game)

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