Energy within the game

Within the game, each mission (except story mode) will consume energy to a greater or lesser extent. This energy will be limited to 10 energy points. Every 20 minutes, 1 energy point is recharged.

In story mode, players will be able to play without limits.

We will give the possibility to recharge using Coinary Token, but there is a limitation. We have created an anti-pay-2-fast system, where each energy recharge you do, will increase considerably the price of the next recharge. This price will be reset 24 hours after the last recharge.

The prices according to the number of recharges made per day are as follows:

  1. recharge: 2 USD

  2. recharge: 6 USD

  3. recharge: 18 USD

  4. recharge: 54 USD

  5. recharge: 162 USD

This price will be paid in CYT in-game. The CYT price will constantly vary since it will be set by the Oracle system.

All energy recharges paid in Coinary Token in-game will be treated as in-game purchases, and 20% of those tokens will be burned. The other 80% will be returned to being distributed.

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