Dragon equipment consists of special items that you can equip on dragons to improve their base stats temporarily.

There are going to be 3 types of equipment.

  • Rings: Increase your dragon’s strength

  • Tiaras: Increase your dragon’s cunning

  • Bracelets: Increase your dragon’s defense

There's going to be an item of each type, per element, for each of the NFT rarities. Uncommon items will be virtual, it means they’re not going to be NFTs (there will also be basic or broken tier items that will not be eligible for equipping your dragons with). To sum it up, you will be able to obtain a basic ring, tiara and bracelet, 3 uncommon ones, another 3 rare ones, 3 epic ones and so on with all NFT rarities, meaning there won't be, for example, 2 types of different rare fire rings. All fire rings will be the same and benefit your dragon the same way.

You will be capable of fusing 5 items of the same type together through the forge to obtain a new one of higher rarity.

Item obtaining through Dungeons:

After completing a dungeon, you will occasionally get a random item. Every item obtained through Dungeons will be basic tier (broken), meaning that they can't be equipped. All accounts will have the opportunity to dabble in dungeons, regardless of their rarity. It’s important to clarify that both the difficulty and the item drop rate of dungeons will depend on the rarity of your account.

Rare: 20% chance of item drop.

Epic: 25% chance of item drop.

Legendary: 30% chance of item drop.

This means the higher your rarity, the higher the chances of obtaining an item after successfully completing a dungeon.

Dungeons can also give you Chests as a reward. Within them, you can get items of any type and rarity, among others.

Broken Equipment:

As previously mentioned, the items obtained through Dungeons will be basic tier and not eligible for equipping your dragons with, their only use is going to be fusing 5 of the same type together to obtain a new item of that category from "un-common" rarity. Same process applies to obtaining epic and legendary items. In order to get an epic ring, we would have to fuse together 5 rare rings.

Once an item is rare, you can equip it to one of your dragons. Nonetheless, equipment can only be worn by a dragon of the same or lower rarity than the item 's rarity. Meaning that a dragon can only wear items of the same or higher rarity than its own. A rare dragon, for example, can wear any item of any rarity. However, an epic dragon can only wear epic or higher rarity items.

¿How to equip items?:

In order to equip your dragons with items, you have to head over to the equipment section in the Barracks, where you can pick and choose which equipment items your dragons will wear in battle! Each dragon has 3 slots for items; one for rings, one for tiaras and one for bracelets. On this same tab, the final stats of the dragons will be displayed so that you can compare different item combinations. Base dragon stats will be shown in white and the item's bonus stats, in yellow.

Equipment levels: (Coming soon)

Equipments will have their own levels, obtained alongside the dragon that is wearing the item

The maximum level of an item depends on its rarity.

Rare: lvl 60

Epic: lvl 80

Legendary/Mythic: lvl 100

The stats of a dragon will improve after equipping it with an item, and as this item reaches higher levels, your dragon’s stats will increase accordingly again. This item stat increase will occur after reaching 50% of the item’s maximum level and then again after reaching 100% of its maximum level. (Although there might be exceptions where this doesn’t occur.)

Fusing/Upgrading Equipment:

In order to fuse, you need to already have 5 items. When fusing, all items must be the same rarity (Meaning 5 basic items, 5 rare items, 5 epic items and so on) And must also be 5 of the same type (5 rings,5 tiaras, 5 bracelets)

At the time of the fusion you must choose 5 items from the same element (for example, 5 fire rings): In this instance, we will always get a new fire ring of higher rarity.

Item fusing costs:

Basic/broken: (To obtain a un-common item).

500 Drago to create a un-common item.

Rare: (to obtain a Epic item).

15 USD to create an Epic item.

Epic: (to obtain a Legendary item).

50 USD to create a Legendary item.

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