Game Items

Game items will be used to improve different aspects of Dragonary's gameplay.


Stardust (coming soon): This is a resource that you will get from the opening of chests. It has a significant value, it allows players to repair their items and give vital strength to their dragons. Take good care of items and dragons, don’t let them lose their magic and get disenchanted. If you bring together Stardust and ECT, they will make your items shine as new and your dragons will once again have their maximum energy to fight.

Level Up X: It allows you to level up your dragons. The number indicates how many levels you can climb with it.

Level Up Max: It allows a dragon to get to the maximum level.

XP Boost: This item increases the experience won in battle by your dragons for a limited time.

Golden Dungeon’s ticket: It allows you to play one battle in the Dungeons without energy consumption.

Skins: It lets you give a special touch to your dragons by choosing a special look for them.

Appearance change item: It will randomly change the appearance of your dragon.

Element change item: It allows you to randomly change your dragon’s element.

How to get better items?

Items will be obtained through PVE, PVP, Dungeon and Chest battles as rewards, according to the rarity of the player: the higher the rarity, the better items you will get.

However, there will be items harder to get that you can create from 5 items of less rarity. Fusion (The same one used to breed dragons) will be used as a mechanism to improve the items.

Costs to merge items

No Rarity (Sparks)

300 Drago to fuse into Common


500 Drago to fuse into Un Common


15 USD to fuse into Epic


50 USD to fuse into Legendary.

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