In Dragonary, dragons are independent beings that very rarely live in communities. They love to have big caves with enough space to save the treasures they get throughout the story and battles. To dragons, the most valuable thing they have are treasures, so they live and sleep for those treasures. For this reason, islands will play a fundamental role that could change the way we know Dragonary.
Each team will be able to have an island with different caves where dragons will live, keeping their treasures and protecting them from fierce enemies. Islands will be NFTs that can be exchanged through the marketplace anytime.
Islands are limited and will be distributed through a public sale between all Dragonary players.
By now, it is forecast that there will be up to 777 islands in all Dragonary.

Most islands will be sold at a set price. However, some will be auctioned. Prices will be published a few days before the sale.

There is no estimated date yet.

The second half of 2022.
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