PVE Battle

Battling in Dragonary consists of a confrontation between two teams: one controlled by the player, which is conformed by 3 to 5 dragons, and one controlled by the AI. This last one varies in number and shape, and the enemies may be dragons or not.

In battle, dragons will have two attack types: the basic attack and the special or active ability.

Dragonary uses a semi-automatic system for battles, that is, the user chooses how to cast special abilities in manual mode, but the basic attacks are automatically cast to the enemy.

In the auto-cast mode, all abilities are automatically cast on the enemy team. PVE battles’ principal goal is to be casual: anybody may be able to play anywhere and be able to watch their dragons’ performance against different enemies and, at the same time, look forward to rewards battle after battle.


Each PVE battle will have a reward that can vary depending on the mission. Rewards can be virtual or real (NFTs, tokens) and they will also vary according to the team of dragons the player has.

Team of dragons

Your team of dragons can be decided in the Barracks The team must have at least 3 dragons, and no more than 5 dragons. If you try to create a team with less than 3 dragons, changes will not be saved.

Each PVE mission will be done using the available team of dragons. This team will start full health and must survive battle after battle until it faces the final boss of each mission.

The only way of healing dragons will be by using healer/healing dragon, in case of quitting the mission, you will have to start it over and the health bar will restart at full.

Speed and battle timing

PVE is supposed to be a casual game mode, that’s why there’s a 2x speed battling option and, if the battle lasts more than 3 minutes, you will automatically lose.

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