Common and uncommon players will get DRAGO, a virtual in-game currency that will allow them to advance inside the game. Players will be able to breed new dragons, fuse items and embers, play Dungeons, among other things. At the same time, the amounts of this currency are adjustable. In this way, we can prevent long-term variations and increase the amount, in case new players join the game. Accounts will obtain DRAGO as a reward in every mode of the game, it’s designed to let players enjoy the full experience of the game and advance on it without investing.

DRAGO cannot be used to breed dragons, items or embers of Rare or higher rarities.

DRAGO will allow the game to be enjoyed by those players who don’t feel comfortable enough in the cryptocurrencies world. It can be purchased from the Playstore, making it easier for those who want to play Dragonary and advance in a faster way.

DRAGO is a virtual coin. Therefore, it can’t be exchanged for NFTs or real money. As it is a virtual currency, it’s adjustable in quantity — that’s why it is the solution for the players who want to enjoy the game to its fullest from scratch.

This coin brings the possibility of advancing in the free-to-play mode, allowing players to create new dragons while improving their stats and rarity.

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