Dungeons is the place where we will fight Darkwing’s corrupted dragons. The battles are going to be PVE but with a more dynamic approach, similar to how PVP battles are going to be.

Combat Rules:

  • You can use the “qwerty” letter system and the numbers on your keyboard as shortcuts to select skills and objectives.

  • We will be able to activate “Command mode”, which consists of being able to choose one of our dragons and select an enemy to receive all the attacks from this dragon, which are usually carried out automatically at random (Cooldown: 7 Seconds).

  • In dungeon mode, there’s going to be a damage and cooldown reduction to our dragon’s abilities, this means your dragon’s abilities will deal less damage but you can cast them more often, so that you can have even more fun when battling.

  • Automatic combat mode and 2X speed will be disabled for dungeons.

Every account will be able to complete missions in the Dungeons, regardless of their rarity. The game will detect the rarity of the player and choose the difficulty level accordingly.


Dungeon combat is going to be against 5 corrupted dragons.The location and elements of these dragons will be random and change from fight to fight. In one battle you may find yourself fighting 5 corrupted dragons with a different element each, and in another, 5 dragons from the same element type.

Cost: The only cost to join a dungeon is 20 energy points.


For every victory in dungeon mode we will be rewarded with the following:

● Obsidian: 500

● Equipment: The chances of obtaining an item as a reward for completing each dungeon will depend on the rarity of the account in question. All the equipment acquired on dungeons will be basic tier or “broken”, this being of any element or type.

Rare accounts: 20% chances of obtaining an item.

Epic accounts: 25% chances of obtaining an item.

Legendary accounts: 30% chances of obtaining an item.

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