Arena - PVP Battle

You have already learned about the different PVP battle modes. What if I told you now, that you can participate in a competitive environment against other players' teams, what would you think? That game mode exists in Dragonary and is called ARENA.

The Dragonary Arena will have a system of battle to the death between other player's team from all around the world. Each team will have to comply with certain requirements, and the system will try to match you with a player of your level in each battle.

Battles in PVP mode will last a maximum of 5 minutes and the winner will be the one with the most dragons standing, or with the most health in case that both teams have dragons on the battlefield after 5 minutes.

In PVP there will be no auto-cast of powers, you will have to cast them manually. It will be crucial that you build a balanced team based on the dragons you have raised or acquired so far.

Requirements in arena mode:

All players, regardless of their rarity, can try the PVP mode with their friends, facing their teams of Dragons to find out who is the best Dragon Tamer.

To give you more freedom and allow you to play as much as you want, the PVP will not have energy requirements.

Rewards in arena mode: (coming soon)

A maximum of won battles with ECT distribution will be assigned. After reaching the limit, players can play for fun — this way, the players' matchmaking will be improved.

Every day, in the first five won battles, players will receive a bonus reward proportional to their CYT stake:

For rare users: 0.15% of their balance in CYT paid in ECT as a reward For epic users: 0.25% of their balance in CYT paid in ECT as a reward For legendary users: 0.4% of their balance in CYT paid in ECT as a reward

Furthermore, you can get Chests as a reward in these kinds of battles.

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