Version 0.1b: Public Game Beta
Version 0.2b:
  • Items that dragons can carry and single-use items
  • Ironworks to fuse any type of items
  • Friends: Add friends, see your friends' dragon equipment, chat
  • Buy-Sell Dragons and NFTs items
  • Buy-Sell NFTs from the community
  • Activation of Prime benefits in discounts and mining
Version 0.3b:
  • PVP Arena
  • Clans
  • Redesigned enemies (Moved to 0.2b)
  • New enemies and bosses (Shiba Inu will be one #spoiler)
  • Apple ID support
  • Item to change your dragons' colors
All new enemies replacing old generic place holders
New enemy animation
Version 0.4b:
  • PVP between friends
  • New missions
  • Visual improvements
  • Cinematics
  • Tutorial for new players
New Smart Contracts and marketplace improvements:
  • Launch of new Bridge to Polygon Matic
  • Improvements to the BSC Bridge
  • Deployment of smart contracts to manage island NFTs
  • Launch of Islands pre-sale
  • Implementation of Multi-sig wallets for all networks
  • Incorporation of new payment methods and support for more cryptocurrencies
  • New marketplace UI
  • New Coinary Hub UI
Version 0.5b
  • Two new dragon genes per item (14 new dragons)
  • Improvement of dragon colors
Version 0.6b
  • Dragonary New Year's Eve Party Event (Cash prizes)
  • New dragon element with 4 genes
  • Skins system (Improve the aesthetics of your dragons)
  • Staking CYT to obtain:
    • Dragonary items
    • 0.5% of marketplace commissions distributed in CYT tokens
    • Tickets to special events within Dragonary
    • Items from new Coinary games