The Coinary team has a lot of experience working in the blockchain and gaming industry. Our years of expertise are reflected in the quality of Dragonary.

Our entire team works remotely throughout Latin America: Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela.

Coinary Team Leaders

Alejo Chababo - CEO and Co-Founder

He made a “quantum leap” in his profession, starting in the world of cryptocurrencies in 2016, and in the following years, he became the biggest reference in the world of mining in Latin America. His second passion is motors, so his dream is to see Dragonary and Coinary as official sponsors in Formula 1.

Yohan Graterol - COO y Co-Founder

His last job before knowing “The Force” was leading an engineering team for a renowned Y Combinator startup, for a period of 7 years. In 2016 he met "the light side of the Force" and set out on his journey working for projects such as Ethereum Classic, Ethereum Commonwealth, and Callisto. His biggest obsession is that people can use cryptocurrencies with the best possible user experience.

Eduardo Jaime - Chief Content Officer

He is the wizard behind every Coinary video and content. He worked a lot of years making productions for worldwide artists and now he lives the life he always wanted inside Coinary. He's a Call of Duty freak, who can beat you with a banana as a joystick... or does he use hacks?

Rocío Mayorga - Head of Community

She is an architect by profession, but cryptocurrencies are her passion. She has worked doing 3D modeling for several years for different companies and found her passion in running cryptocurrency communities. There is no fairer person in the community than her (however she sometimes misses a ban). She promised to design all the architecture for Dragonary Islands.

Gustavo Santome - Lead Designer

If I told you that he has been illustrating video games for 15 years, you wouldn't believe me, so let's leave it at more than 10 years. Inside the illustration team, they call him "Mr. Miyagi'' because of his ancestral wisdom in design. He has a huge collection of Transformers, Robotech, and all the '80s cartoons, so if you want a collector, call Mr. Miyagi.

Daniel Alvarado - Game Developer Lead

He learned to create video games in Unity and then to walk. He has been working for more than 6 years in different projects related to mobile video games, and now he is leading the developer’s team of Dragonary. Likewise, he is a Naruto lover, so if the electric dragon has sounded like Chidori, it's his fault.

Ramiro Chababo - Game Designer

He is a genius in RPG and MMORPG games. All of us in the team thought we were gamers until Ramiro arrived. He put together all the logic of Dragonary and has a roadmap of at least four years to use dragons in different game modes. When we want to know something about RPG, we don't go to Wikipedia, we ask Ramiro directly through Slack.

Melisa Mayorga - Customer Success VP

Known in the Dragonary underworld as MMalisa, she is a professional in Advertising and Marketing and has built great knowledge around user loyalty. She is in charge of the Customer Success team and will be the one who "sees all and can do everything" so that every player is happy playing in Dragonary.

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