Technology behind Dragonary

At Coinary we think blockchain technology is here to stay, that is why we've done a game based on it. However, we believe that to mass blockchain technology we must go to users and not that users come to us, that's why we make extensive use of different networks such as Callisto Network, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Ethereum.

Dragonary embraces the best in each network and offers a unique experience to the player, granting easy and fast access without the need to download additional plugins, just go to the store or the website, download the game, and enjoy!

NFT and more NFT

The technology behind the NFT (Non-fungible token) is revolutionizing how the way economies are created in games like Dragonary with dragons and NFT items. We go one step further and give the community the opportunity to use the image of Dragonary to create their art that can be sold through the Marketplace.

Coinary Hub

We believe that there is a user experience barrier when interacting with blockchains, wallets, exchanges, private keys, addresses, transaction explorer, commissions... None of that will be important at Dragonary because we've developed a game and website that will allow you to play without worrying about commissions, what blockchain to use or how to move your earned tokens into the game. Just sit back and enjoy, we do the rest!

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