Version 0.1b: Public Game Beta
Version 0.2b:
    Items that dragons can carry and single-use items
    Ironworks to fuse any type of items
    Friends: Add friends, see your friends' dragon equipment, chat
    Buy-Sell Dragons and NFTs items
    Buy-Sell NFTs from the community
    Activation of Prime benefits in discounts and mining
Version 0.3b:
    PVP Arena
    Redesigned enemies (Moved to 0.2b)
    New enemies and bosses (Shiba Inu will be one #spoiler)
    Apple ID support
    Item to change your dragons' colors
All new enemies replacing old generic place holders
New enemy animation
Version 0.4b:
    PVP between friends
    New missions
    Visual improvements
    Tutorial for new players
New Smart Contracts and marketplace improvements:
    Launch of new Bridge to Polygon Matic
    Improvements to the BSC Bridge
    Deployment of smart contracts to manage island NFTs
    Launch of Islands pre-sale
    Implementation of Multi-sig wallets for all networks
    Incorporation of new payment methods and support for more cryptocurrencies
    New marketplace UI
    New Coinary Hub UI
Version 0.5b
    Two new dragon genes per item (14 new dragons)
    Improvement of dragon colors
Version 0.6b
    Dragonary New Year's Eve Party Event (Cash prizes)
    New dragon element with 4 genes
    Skins system (Improve the aesthetics of your dragons)
    Staking CYT to obtain:
      Dragonary items
      0.5% of marketplace commissions distributed in CYT tokens
      Tickets to special events within Dragonary
      Items from new Coinary games
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