First Quarter:
      Game idea and concept. ✅
      Team building. ✅
      First internal demonstration. ✅
    Second Quarter:
      Launch of Coinary Token (CYT) on Callisto Network. ✅
      Launch of Coinary Hub (BETA).✅
      Eggs pre-sale.✅
      Waiting list with +10,000 players. ✅
    Third Quarter:
      Launch token (CYT) on Binance Smart Chain ✅
      Alpha version of the game to a private group of players (+700 players).✅
      Launch of the public beta version of the game. ✅
      Launch of the Marketplace. ✅
      The connection between Coinary Token with the Binance Smart Chain.✅
      Waiting list with +30,000 players.✅ (Currently +500k)
      Activation of PVP Arena.
      Graphical improvements of PvE enemies.✅
      Play Store release ✅
    Fourth Quarter:
      Islands sale.
      First major Dragonary update (2 new base dragons for each element), new missions, new enemies, clans, PVP between friends).
      Coinary Day, with more announcements about Dragonary's plans.


    First Quarter:
      First competitive Dragonary tournament (eSport).
    Second Quarter:
      Launch of game mode with Islands.
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